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Do I need to be in good physical shape to play a Krakit Room Escape Game?  No, Krakit experiences are designed to be challenging but not in a physical way. 

Is it possible to escape?  Room escape games are designed to be a personal/group competition.  It is possible for some groups that work well together and have complimentary skills to escape within the 45 minutes.  Most groups however will not.

Does Krakit accept walk-ins or do we need to pre-book?  Walk ins are welcome but pre-booking guarantees a game.  Priority is given to pre-bookings and the rest is left up to fate.

How do refunds work?  If you have pre-paid, refunds will be provided if you cancel your booking by providing at least 24 hours notice.  Refunds are not provided for groups/people that do not escape within the 45 minutes.

Is there an age restriction? Yes.  Most experiences are designed for ages 8 and older.  Children ages 8-13 require an adult to participate in the experience.  There are some adult only rooms where the age restriction is 18+. Seniors are always welcome!

If we are a small group will we be placed with strangers in a room?  The experiences are designed for groups of 6.  It is possible that you will be placed with another group to fill the room, especially during peak hours of operation.  If you do not want to be with strangers the best option is to make a booking for a group of 5 or more.

How often do the rooms change?   Krakit room escape game in Burnaby changes theme rooms with every season and even more often than that.  Check back every month.

Will I be scared?  No, some Krakit Room Escape Games are designed around themes that may be considered scary by some, but the actual clues and game is not scary.  There could be surprises however, especially when our live actors are around (ie. for the Asylum and Zombie games). Scare levels can be customized, just talk to our staff when you arrive to get the right scare level for your group.