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Room themes change often, so be sure to come andcheck back to see OUR LATEST ROOM THEMES

 Vancouver: Krakit will have live actors make an appearance in your Asylum, Saw Room, and Zombie Apocalypse Escape Games -taking the experience to a whole new level.


Our Newest Theme Room


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 Eat me, Drink me, it's down the rabbit hole we go.  Follow the rabbit into the Wonderland, join the crazy tea party, battle the queen of hearts and so much more.  This room has it all, riddles, puzzles, next generation puzzles and tons of fun!


The SAW Room

Waking up you find yourself in a cellar.  The last thing you remember is getting into a car with your friend.  Your friend is gone and you hear cries for help.  Don't just be a pawn in some twisted game.  Find your way out of the cellar, and find your friend, if you want to survive this game.

Difficulty   Hard 

The Asylum

Looking around the sterile, white room, you notice a medical chart.  You've been found criminally insane and sentenced to life in the mental hospital.  You must escape soon before the doctor administers THE medication -designed to keep you in a lifelong  sedated state.  If you ask for it, the doctor will make an in person appearance during your visit.


Asylum theme room


The infection is wide spread.  Zombies are everywhere.  Entire cities have been devastated. Your loved ones are gone.  It's up to you to find the remedy to save the human race before you're the next victim.  


zombie theme room