Can’t Escape That Feeling: 5 Best Horror Love Stories

Love Valentine’s Day but don’t love sappy rom coms? Neither do we here at Krakit Vancouver Escape Game.

We’re completely sure that celebrating love doesn’t require red roses and sparkling wine, goopy rain-drenched kisses, or even chocolates (though that’s never really bad is it). Why are we so certain? Just take a look at these equally horrorific and lovey-dovey couples.

Best Horror Love Stories

5. Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

They may not be perfect—he has no flesh and hers keeps falling apart—but they’re perfect for each other. Despite Dr. Finkelstein’s attempts to keep them apart, the pair end Tim Burton’s beloved Claymation classic by declaring their love in lovely, romantic graveyard.

4. Edward and Kim from Edward Scissorhands

While there is no rain-filled kiss scene in yet another creepy romance from Tim Burton, there is a snow-filled dance that even Belle and the Beast would envy, when Edward makes it snow by carving an ice sculpture in Kim’s likeness. Like Belle, though Kim finds Edward super weird at first, she ends up falling for her very own beast—though things turn out rather less happily.

3. Oskar and Eli from Let the Right One In

Is there anything more precious than first love? Even if it’s with a vampire? Oskar, from the dark and moody Swedish indie flick, doesn’t let Eli’s penchant for killing human beings ruin his feelings for her. In fact, it makes him like her even more.

2. Buffy and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A tortured love story to rival Romeo and Juliet’s—only with a whole lot more dying. Could their tale be any more tragic, guys? There are probably some people out there still hoping that Buffy and Angel get back together. Fingers crossed.

1. Eve and Adam from Only Lovers Left Alive

We’re starting to sense a theme here. Despite some franchise doing their best to ruin it, there really is something romantic about vampires, despite their unsettling bloodlust—it must be that whole immortal thing. No film portrays this better than Jim Jarmusch’s quiet film, which tells the story of a devoted vampire couple through the ages. Eve and Adam are really just a great couple to aspire to this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re a vampire or not.