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Krakit's New Escape Room Theme



 Krakit Escape Game located in Burnaby is the entertainment experience that you have been waiting for.  What would you do if you were locked in a room and only had 45 minutes to escape or your fate would be sealed?  What sort of situations will you find yourself in?  How well do you handle with pressure?  How will you get out? Or better yet…Will you get out?  You can get the answers to of all these questions and more, by playing our Escape Games.

Enter a Krakit Escape Game room, where SOMETHING  has happened.  Once the door closes behind you, your challenge is to find the clues hidden right before your very eyes to ESCAPE. There are four Krakit Escape Game rooms each with a different theme.  In some rooms, you may find your heart pounding and your palms sweating but be assured all of this happens in a make believe world with no danger.  Krakit is a unique way for everyone (ages 8 and up) to do something different and have fun.  It’s as simple as picking the room theme you want to escape from and then challenging fate. Book now before time runs out!

  Actors appear only in the Saw Room, Asylum, and Zombie Apocalypse rooms.   

Find out more about Krakit Escape Game room themes  -themes change frequently, so check back often.

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