Krakit Escape Game located in Burnaby is the entertainment experience that you have been waiting for.  What would you do if you were locked in a room and only had 45 minutes to escape or your fate would be sealed?  Face your fears and dare to visit us this Halloween season. 

Offering a true haunted house experience, enter a Krakit room, where SOMETHING  horrific has happened.  When then door slams behind you, the clock starts ticking and you have only minutes to ESCAPE. There are four Krakit rooms each with a different theme.  Our October haunted experiences include: The Asylum, The Zombie Apocalypse, or The Saw.  With live actors appearing through-out your visit, each haunted experience will get your heart pounding and have many of you screaming in fear. Experts in creating the perfect scare level for our guests, we are able to change the scare level (ex. have no actors scare you) to suit your group, just let us know what scare levelworks best for your group and we will deliver. 

For those of you not quite ready to face your fears we have a fun house just for you: The Wonderland Room, where there is nothing but fun waiting for you.


  Actors appear only in the Saw Room, Asylum, and Zombie Apocalypse rooms.   

Find out more about Krakit Escape Game room themes  -themes change frequently, so check back often.

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